bring [briŋ]
brought, bringing [ME bringen < OE bringan < IE base * bhrenk-, *bronk- > Welsh he-brwng, to bring, lead]
1. to carry or lead (a person or thing) to the place thought of as “here” or to a place where the speaker will be [bring it to my house tomorrow]
2. to cause to be, happen, come, appear, have, etc. [war brings death and famine; rest brings one health]
3. to lead, persuade, or influence along a course of action or belief
4. to sell for [eggs bring a high price today]
5. Law
a) to present in a law court [to bring charges]
b) to advance (evidence, etc.)
bring about
to make happen; effect
bring around or bring round
1. to persuade by arguing, urging, etc.
2. to put or coax into a good humor
3. to bring back to consciousness or health
bring down
1. to cause to come down or fall
2. to wound or kill
bring forth
a) to give birth to
b) to produce (fruit, flowers, etc.)
2. to make known; disclose
bring forward
1. to introduce; show
2. Bookkeeping to carry over
bring in
1. to import
a) to produce (income or revenue)
b) to cause (an oil well, etc.) to produce
3. to give (a verdict or report)
bring off
to succeed in doing; accomplish
bring on
to cause to be, happen, or appear
bring out
1. to reveal; make clear or clearer
2. to bring (a play, person, etc.) before the public, or to publish (a book, magazine, etc.)
3. to introduce (a girl or young woman) formally to society
bring over
to convince or persuade
bring to
1. to revive (an unconscious person)
2. to cause (a ship) to stop
bring up
1. to take care of during infancy and childhood by educating, nurturing, training, etc.; raise; rear
2. to introduce, as into discussion
a) to cough up
b) to vomit
4. to stop abruptly
SYN.- BRING (in strict usage) implies a carrying or conducting to, and TAKE, similar action away from, a specified or implied place [bring the book to me; I will take it back to the library ]; FETCH1 implies a going after something, getting it, and bringing it back

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